William has branded his Art and Design work as “Whimsical Funk”. What is Whimsical Funk? It’s William’s unique vision of another world created with a cathartic mind’s eye, it’s his ‘nom de plume’ coined in part by one of his collectors. His work combines multiple disciplines including graphic sensibilites, painterly techniques with a collage like assembly. William’s unique characters become the focal point of each work of art and are often surrounded by these techniques. William is a mixed media artist combining bold color, multiple surfaces, and various media to express his ideas. William’s most recent series utilizes various substrates such as wood, mdf panel, omega bond and found objects as a vehicle to express his vision. At the age of 7 William discovered the Hot Rod artwork of Stanley Mouse, this discovery instilled a passion to create. The next biggest inspiration in Williams work was his teenage memories of skateboarding. William was fascinated with everything to do skateboarding, the idea of belonging to a group, the rebellion, the graphics, everything. His work has also been inspired by such artists as Jean Michel Basquiat, Picassso, Francis Bacon, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Tim Burton, Dr. Seuss, and lots of contemporary artists today. All of which William borrows from, he likes to take pieces from all his inspirations and combine these into what he calls Whimsical funk.