One thought on “Brand Identity

  1. Hi William

    I was referred your name through Kristin Tuller, another local artist in Indy. I am planning our neighborhood block party for this Saturday may 19th and I am in a bind. I had an artist set up to come and be our entertainment by doing a flash painting. Unfortunately they cannot make it and I am in desperate need of finding a replacement and kristin cannot do it.

    The party starts at 5:30 but the entertainment is not until 7:00. I was hoping e flash painting could be about 20 minutes. We were discussing having the painting be of downtown Indy with the hope to then auction the finished painting.

    We would pay you $150 and also buy all of your supplies.

    If you can help it would be wonderful and we can discuss more over the phone.

    My email is and my cell is 765.215.3104

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you


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